Пн. Июн 24th, 2024

I’d like to share my real experience with the broker OctaFX. This company publishes lots of self-advertisement in the Internet but actually it doesn’t coincide with reality. The company suggests demo-accounts, bonuses and lots of ways of making deposits and transferring money in order to seem more prestigious. But if you try to cooperate with the system you’ll realize — it’s nothing more than a fake!

OctaFX is posed as one of the best Forex-brokers all over the world

But the are no proofs of the award on the website. The company suggests currency pairs, gold and other assets trading. It also promises no commissions and no delays with money transfer and it makes sense: you just won’t get your benefit and your deposit back! OctaFX practices a fraud scheme which funnels money and a trader cannot influence the situation.

The company also suggests to download a mobile application convincing that it’s a more comfortable way of controlling a bonus balance. I followed the advice but soon after that my mobile phone got lots of bugs. On the home page you can see some instructions for beginners but the information is interpreted in an absolutely complicated way.

I tried to trade bitcoins here after registration and making a deposit. I was carefully following an actual currency rate on the website. Finally I got nothing because fees consumed all my money on the deposit. Despite of promised zero commission!

Bear in mind, that you won’t be able even contact the police. The broker doesn’t have any license and works illegally and it’s impossible to trace the transactions. If you want to practice trading choose reliable brokers with official licenses. Don’t waste youe money and time for these frauds!

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