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Legends Financial Exchange is one of the best online trading providers. Here you can get full access to financial markets. Traders are offered a large selection of financial instruments for trading.

Features of the Legends Financial platform

The platform offers the set of options:

  • split bank accounts for customers;
  • round-the-clock technical support service;
  • the ability to withdraw funds to any card or bank account;

On the basis of Legends Financial you can trade currency pairs, precious metals, indices, stocks, natural resources and agricultural products. The trader chooses the assets at his discretion. You can trade from any gadget, computer or smartphone.

Choosing accounts for trading

The trader can choose any tariff of interest:

  • beginner — starts from one hundred euros. There is a limited number of assets for trading, the commission for financial transactions is from 1 to 2.5 percent. The price of the tariff includes basic training, trading signals. Analytical reports are not included in the tariff;
  • silver — from 5 to 10 thousand euros. The main assets are available here, the leverage is from 2 to 50, the commission is from 1.5 to 2 percent. An analytical report is provided every four months. Traders receive a bonus of 20 percent;
  • gold — from 10 to 50 thousand euros. Leverage — 2-100, expanded number of assets, included training with a webinar and an analytical session, with daily trading signals and regular analytical reports once a month;
    platinum — more than 50 thousand euros. Leverage — 2-100, unlimited number of assets, commission — 0.25-0.75%, training is included with a webinar and an analytical session, with trading signals several times a day and regular analytical reports once a week, a bonus of 50%;

Anyone can register on the Legends Financial website.

Legends Financial, legendsfinancialltd.com

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This year I tried to cooperate with the broker Legends Financial. I was looking forward to getting benefit and constant passive income but finally I was absolutely disappointed. It’s just a scam and I want warn everybody not to have any deals with this cheater. What does the fake broker suggest When I visited home page of the website I found out that I can trade any actives:

  • currency pairs;
  • precious metals;
  • valuable papers;

I was offered a beginner tariff with on quite beneficial conditions but actually the broker didn’t follow any agreements: the commission was more than 5%. The broker promised technical support and some training for beginners. Actually it was just a couple of questions they responded in the chat and then all my requests were ignored. Features of frauds Later I noticed that the broker’s behaviour is quite suspicious:

  • currency exchange rate on the website didn’t correspond to reality and was changing from time to time;
  • I didn’t get first benefit from my trading. Technical support guys promised to solve the problem but didn’t do anything;
  • every time I came to my account the system didn’t recognize my password and I had to come up with a new one;

One day I tried to check in and realized that my account was banned without any explanations. Nobody helped me to solve the problem, and I just lost my money and time. If you want to start trading try to find reliable platforms with international licence and faultless reputation. Legends Financial doesn’t have neither licence nor conscience.