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Last year I had a negative experience with the broker Medco Finance Limited. I believed positive reviews in the Internet and couldn’t even imagine that all these exciting messages are just a fake! Actually the broker doesn’t keep any promises and leave customers running out of money. First I had a registration and made my deposit as it was pointed put in the instruction. Every day I was following a currency rate on the home page. I believed that I can see correct information but in fact everything was false. So, when I tried to exchange currency I got a negligibly small amount of money. But according to the rate I should get more! I couldn’t understand what had happened and tried to contact technical support service but nobody responded. Only after that I realized that I was befooled! When you try to register everything seems to be clear and easy: simple instructions, adaptive interface of the website. The broker even has some training videos for beginners learning to trade. But that’s all for advantages. If you ever try to cooperate with this company you’ll lose all your money and won’t get any benefit. Don’t trust any positive reviews in the Internet — they’re just paid fake! The broker doesn’t have any license so it can break any arrangements without punishment. If you want to earn money and have a constant passive income choose reliable companies with guarantees. I’m disappointed because I just wasted my money and time resources. Next time I’ll be more attentive in choosing a trading platform.