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Palmer Finance Company is a forex platform which suggests round-the-clock access to financial markets. The company has a central office in the USA, Colorado, but operates without any license.

Peculiarities of Palmer Finance Company

The company has an official licence. Clients can trade different resources:

  • currencies pairs;
  • indices;
  • commodities;
  • stocks;
  • cryptocurrency;

When a client registers an account he will get an access to over 350 trading assets. The broker suggests such trading conditions:

  • initial deposit of £100;
  • leverage up to 1:400;
  • caliper 24 by 5;
  • floating/fixed spreads;
  • support from a personal manager;
  • the ability to make transactions with insured risk;

Depending on the selected account type, the broker offers to take out a loan for trading, micro lots, connect an insurance account, activate a deposit replenishment bonus, study under a special educational program with an individual mentor and a group of signals.

Interface of Palmer Finance Company

The terminal at Palmer Finance Company is presented in the form of a web trader and a mobile application for Android/iOS. The company provides clients with a training course, set of terms, economic calendar, and news feed for free. It will help to choose an appropriate trading period and resources.

You can earn not just on trading, but also on an affiliate program of several types like introducing broker on thematic websites, having white label or referral links.


The platform effectively replenishes all its functions from giving trading resources to conducting training courses. It will be useful both for beginners and experienced traders. The platform gives an opportunity for trading and earning money from passive incomes like referral programs.


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Рейтинг :

I’m really disappointed by the broker. I was promised to get incomes during the first month but actually I just lost my money. Instead of promised training course I tried to figure out in all the options myself. You shouldn’t trust the company — they suggest lots of financial schemes but none of them works. I tried to get my money back but these frauds don’t have licence and it’s impossible to bring them to justice. Technical support isn’t in touch and I cannot get any compensation for all the troubles.

Рейтинг :

Once I read some information about the broker in the Internet and decided to try trading with it. I found some positive reviews but now I realize they were just paid by the company. I got some instructions how to trade but then nobody helped me despite of promised training course. Finally I didn’t get any profit and my account was blocked. If you want to earn money with trading choose other brokers and check the licence because Palmer Finance doesn’t have any! It means that it works illegally and isn’t responsible for any consequences.

Рейтинг :

I would not recommend using the services of this broker. They offer seemingly favourable terms, but with little effect. For example, a personal manager who gives overly simple advice like «don’t invest the whole amount of your deposit in one asset». I would like more professionalism. I get very little income, partly because of useless services and advice.
In addition, the company has no license in the CIS countries, and the duration of the project is very small, they just do not have time to achieve everything they write about.
In general, you are unlikely to get much profit here, and even if you do, it is not clear whether you will be able to withdraw your money.

Рейтинг :

I do not recommend using the services of Palmer Finance due to the lack of a license to work in the financial sector. This may entail the loss of client’s funds in case of default by the company. In addition, the company offers leverage up to 1:400, which can lead to a high level of risk for the trader. It is also worth noting that the company has no regulator, which could protect the rights of consumers in the event of a conflict with the company. In general, it is worth choosing a company with a license and a good reputation on the market. In addition, it should be noted that Palmer Finance does not provide complete information about its services and does not explain the risks associated with forex trading. Lack of understanding of the risks can lead to loss of money and unsatisfactory results. It is also worth noting that the company does not provide detailed information about its employees and their experience in the financial sector, which may cause mistrust among clients.