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I suffered from thin and fragile hair which were dropping out day by day. I had a terrible look and couldn’t make a worthy haid-do. That was the result of stressful work and I couldn’t cope with such consequences. A friend of mine advised me to try a medicine Trichomist-Forte. Advantages of the spray The medicine is released in a spray form. It consists of natural plants extracts and vitamins that’s why it positively influences in hair growth and structure. it should be used daily after washing. You should just pulverize the remedy on hair roots zone.

I noticed first effect after a week of using the spray:

  • my hair become visually more vivid and well-groomed;
  • positive changes while brushing: there were just a few hair on my hair-brush;
  • my hair started recovering step by step and I felt comfortable while these changes;

After a month of using the spray I noticed that my hair become brighter and the colour seemed to be more intensive without any protective balms. One more benefit was increased length for 3 centimetres during the month — I dreamt about this but couldn’t make it true without the remedy! The spray doesn’t have any flavour so it’s quite comfortable to use it. Thanks to natural components the remedy doesn’t provoke any allergic reactions on skin. After using the spray hair become more flexible and easy to brush.

Where can you buy the spray?

I can definitely recommend this spray for those who has problems with dropping and unhealthy hair after stresses or hormonal disasters (for example, pregnancy). The spray is rationally spending and it’s enough for more than a month. The remedy is available on the official website of the internet-shop.

The spray was delivered the next day after I made an order online.

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I used the spray for my thin and dim hair. I noticed first effect after using the spray during a week. My hair became more alive, supple and silky. My hair started growing and didn’t drop any more. I felt more confident because my hair-do became beautiful and aesthetic. My friends and other people surrounding me made lots of compliments about my hair. I can recommend the remedy to everybody who wants to have healthy and aesthetic hair without any efforts. The optimal ratio of price and quality is one more advantage of this spray.

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