Пн. Июл 22nd, 2024

I was looking for a boyfriend in the Internet. A friend of mine suggested me the website flirtfordate.com. I registered my account and downloaded a photo — that’s the rule of the website. I also fulfilled the questionnaire where I noted my age, date of birth, described my hobbies and interests.

The website suggests partners according to your own preferences and criteria: age, location, interests. If you like any person you can text him in a chat. You can exchange messages and photos and even give virtual gifts. You can also communicate via Skype or in messengers if you exchange mobile numbers — it’s up to you to decide. Recently I’ve met a handsome guy here and he invited me for a date.

It’s quite easy to deal with the website. In the left part of the screen you can see accounts of people you can be interested in. All the accounts have photos so you can see that it’s not a fake. The website also has technical support which can help in any technical troubles.

The website suggests protection from hackers and fraud schemes. I didn’t face such troubles so I cannot say if it really works. Aggressive behaviour and insults are prohibited so people on the website are polite and adequate. I think the website will help for those who wants to find a partner without going to nightclubs or other entertaining locations. I’m quite shy so as for me this website is a good idea to meet somebody and start communication. I believe with the help of the website I’ll find a good man for family building.


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I heard a lot about the website. I decided to find a boyfriend here because I was sick and tired of loneliness. The website suggests handsome and adequate guys. I met such a boy. He seemed to be nice and polite and we were texting for two weeks. But recently I’ve found out that he had the same texting with another girl at the same time! And the website isn’t responsible for such schemes. I’m really disappointed and don’t advice the website to anybody — it’s nothing more than a fake for credible people.