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The car body polish BodyCompound has an innovative formula. Thanks to this the polish effectively and delicately treats the surface without any defects. The remedy is suitable for using on different car parts: bumper, hood, fenders, doors, wheels. The remedy has a form of a creme which can be spread on the surface with a thin layer.

The remedy Body Compound has lots of advantages:

  • no toxic smell;
  • suitable for different surface colours;
  • seals serious technical defects till the repairing process starts;
  • easy to use and safe for health;

The tube with the remedy can be kept in a glove compartment or a trunk.

How to use Car Compound

To achieve the desired result, specialists offer the following stages of work:

  • Thoroughly clean the treated surface. It is better to wash the whole car because it helps to avoid divorces and visually monitors the quality of the operation;
  • Squeeze a small amount of the composition onto the sponge;
  • Wipe the selected area with light movements. It’s not necessary to put a lot of pressure on the surface by rubbing the product into it;
  • carry out the procedure in calm and not wet weather. It is preferable to use the tool in the garage. During application you shouldn’t use foreign particles to get on the surface;
  • Do not use fleecy fabrics for work. The sponge offered by the manufacturer is the optimal tool for applying BodyCompound;
  • At the end of the procedure, wipe the surface with a clean soft cloth;

The effect of using BodyCompound lasts for 8-12 months. As a preventive mean of scratches and other defects it should be used once a year.

The remedy is available on the official website, it can be delivered to different countries.

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