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This yeat I decided to try trading. I read some reviews from the Internet and chose the broker Meliorate Limited. As for the information I’ve got this broker suggests lots of instruments for trading currency pairs, gold and other valuable resources. But later when I started working with the platform I realized that this company was nothing more than a fake. As for the website the company has a licence and works from 2010, but I don’t think it corresponds to reality — there are no scans of official documents. Disadvantages of the broker The first disadvantage I noticed was not trustful graphics with currency course on the website. I got the wrong information that’s why I couldn’t choose the appropriate period for trading. The broker promised a training course for beginners but actually I didn’t get even some technical support. It was unexpectedly because as far as I know trustful brokers teach new traders all the hints. After every completed order I got a minimal benefit and couldn’t transfer it to my bank account. Finally my account was just blocked without any feedback from the administration. I tried to apply for help to the police but it’s difficult to prove criminal intention of the broker. Conclusion In conclusion I can say that I definitely don’t recommend this broker to anybody. I just lost my money and the broker didn’t perform any of its duties. If you want to be successful in trading you’d better choose other brokers. Anyway, negative experience teaches to be careful in future.