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I faced myopia when I was a teenager because of too much strain while reading and writing processes. Year by year my eyesight became weaker and I had to wear glasses. Once I found information about capsules for eyesight Vitavisin Caps and decided to try the remedy.

Peculiartities of Vitavisin

The medicine consists of useful herbs and vitamins that’s why it’s effective and safe for health. The scheme of taking capsule is daily after a meal. I started taking capsules and noticed positive changes:

  • my eyes became more tolerant to loads while working by the computer. I work as an accountant so everyday I have to deal with lots of papers and computer screen;
  • unlike conventional eye drops, this drug has a complex influence in health and provides a stable effect;
  • eyesight improvement. Before taking the capsules I had -3 diopters, but after treatment course it became 2.5;

Of course I didn’t refuse glasses but my eyes feel much better. I visited my doctor and he proved positive dynamics in my eyesight. I hope this remedy will help me to support my eyesight and won’t let it go down. In addition to vision, I felt an improvement in my overall health, I feel more efficient and active during the day. I think this is due to the high concentration of vitamins in the medicine.

My conclusions about the remedy

The capsules have no side-effects so I feel calm and don’t worry about allergy. I’ve changed my glasses recently and feel much better. My eyes don’t get red after reading and surfing the Internet, the mucous membrane does not dry out and I can work at an office all day long feeling comfortable. One more benefit is optimal price-quality ratio. I ordered the remedy on the official website of the brand.

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Ho appena iniziato a prendere Vitavisin e devo dire che sono molto soddisfatto dei risultati. Ho notato una costante sensazione di freschezza e mi sento più alleviato dalla stanchezza e dall’affaticamento degli occhi a causa di troppo lavoro al computer. La mia visione è anche migliore e non soffro più di gonfiore degli occhi a causa delle lenti a contatto o dell’affaticamento degli occhi. Sono davvero entusiasta di questo prodotto e lo consiglierei a tutti coloro che cercano una soluzione per migliorare la salute degli occhi.