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In the modern world, investing is a key element in structuring finances and achieving long-term goals. NLM 86 Limited, with its official website nlm86limited.com, presents itself as a professional and reliable broker assisting clients on their path to financial success.

Overview of NLM 86 Limited

NLM 86 Limited is a brokerage firm that provides various investment products and manages its clients’ assets. They combine vast experience and market knowledge with innovative technologies to create personalized and effective investment strategies.

Services provided by the company

  1. Brokerage services: The brokerage company helps investors in trading securities, including stocks, bonds, and index funds.
  2. Asset Management: The team of professional investment advisors works on creating and implementing investment strategies to achieve the best results.
  3. Investment Planning: The broker also assists in planning investments, taking into account individual goals and the need for risk management.

Advantages of working

  • Professionalism: The NLM 86 Limited team comprises experienced professionals with a deep understanding of financial markets.
  • Personalization: The company’s services are adapted to the specific needs of each client.
  • Technology: The use of the latest technologies allows you to improve results and ensure transparency throughout the investment process.
  • Safety: The broker adheres to strict safety standards to protect investments and its clients’ personal information.


NLM 86 Limited has proven to be a reliable and professional brokerage firm. A balanced approach to investing, customer orientation, and the use of advanced technologies make it a great choice for any investor, regardless of their experience and investment goals. If you are looking for a partner in your financial journey, consider this trading firm.

Site: nlm86limited.com

NLM 86 Limited

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Рейтинг :

I regret to say that my experience with NLM 86 Limited was quite disappointing and has made me reconsider my investment decisions.

Firstly, they promised a highly personalized approach, which in practice turned out to be a far cry from my expectations. The investment strategies offered reflected a general approach and showed no signs of being tailored to my specific financial goals. This made me question the proclaimed expertise of their advisory team. 

Secondly, the use of the latest technologies they claim to possess seemed ineffective. The expected transparency in the investment process was not up to the mark. As an investor, I was left in the dark about a plethora of issues that directly impacted my investment and overall outcome.

Further, the customer service quality offered by NLM left much to be desired. Even basic inquiries took longer than the usual time to be addressed, thus compromising the responsiveness and quality of their support, which as a customer was very frustrating.

Safety was another concern area. When it comes to financial investments and personal information, safety is a top priority, but unfortunately, I felt there was a lack of security and safety measures in place with NLM.

In conclusion, my encounter with NLM was far from satisfactory. Their services lacked the professionalism, technology proficiency, security measures and efficient customer service that they promised. It would be hard for me to recommend NLM to other potential investors based on my disillusioning experience. All money lost. SCAM!

Рейтинг :

I studied some negative reviews and came to conclusion that the broker is just a fraud. Firstly, such companies must have a license and the broker lacks it. Secondly, the company should be in touch with traders and mustn’t neglect clients’ requests.

Рейтинг :

The site changes addresses. Scammers work on the platform. The broker is fake. He has very large deposits. The money is not returned. I couldn’t earn anything on this platform. My money disappeared and my account was blocked.

Рейтинг :

I consider the broker to be unscrupulous. This is a gang of phone scammers. They constantly bother people with their calls. The broker is breaking the law! He inspires investment in the project to his potential clients. The company is fake. It simply does not exist! I am very disappointed. My deposit is lost. These are scammers. My money is gone.

Рейтинг :

I think any trader on this platform will lose their money. The scheme of deception is very simple. I was assigned a personal assistant. This is a personal account manager. I trusted him in everything. He completely leaked my accounts! My account has been blocked. I was left without a deposit. Now I will not be able to deposit money into another company. The scammers took everything!

Рейтинг :

This brokerage system, at first glance no different from others, makes too loud statements, without guarantees that they are all unambiguous and true. You can’t trust strangers, especially when dealing with YOUR finances. But be careful and beware of scammers, because each of us can become his victim, and the chances of an inattentive person increase significantly

Рейтинг :

I think this broker is fake. Scammers take a lot of money from their customers. They grossly deceive gullible people. No one returns the money! The broker changes website addresses very often. The scheme of deception does not change. Scammers do not give the opportunity to withdraw the invested money. First they promise big earnings. As a result, users are blocked. I myself was left without money. You can’t earn money on the platform!