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Nublu Investments Limited, a brokerage firm that provides investment services, has recently been evaluated for its performance and found to have several shortcomings. This article highlights the identified weaknesses in various aspects of the company’s operations.

Poor Customer Service:

  • Inadequate response time:  frequently fails to respond promptly to customer inquiries and requests.
  • Lack of support: The brokerage firm lacks effective client support systems, making it difficult for investors to resolve their concerns.
  • Unavailability of dedicated account managers: Clients often face difficulties in reaching out to dedicated account managers, resulting in delayed assistance and prolonged resolution of issues.

Limited Product Range:

  • Inadequate investment options: offers a limited range of investment products, hindering clients’ ability to diversify their portfolios effectively.
  • Lack of alternative asset classes: The brokerage firm primarily focuses on conventional investment vehicles, neglecting emerging asset classes such as cryptocurrencies, commodities, or alternative investments.
  • Restrictive investment strategies: Nublu Investments Limited emphasizes a narrow selection of investment strategies, limiting clients’ freedom to explore diverse approaches suited to their risk tolerance and financial goals.

Ineffective Research and Analysis:

  • Insufficient market research: The brokerage firm lacks comprehensive market research capabilities, reducing the quality and relevance of investment advice provided to clients.
  • Limited investment analysis tools: Nublu Investments Limited fails to provide clients with modern investment analysis tools, preventing them from making informed investment decisions.
  • Inadequate economic insights: The company’s analysis rarely incorporates key economic indicators or provides insightful economic forecasts, diminishing the value of its research reports.

Transparency Issues:

  • Lack of disclosure of fees: Nublu Investments Limited struggles with transparent fee structures, making it challenging for clients to understand the costs associated with their investments.
  • Incomplete reporting: The brokerage firm’s account statements and reports often lack comprehensive details, inhibiting clients from accurately assessing their investment performance.
  • No clear conflict of interest policy: lacks a clearly defined conflict of interest policy, potentially compromising the trust clients place in the firm.


Nublu Investments Limited needs to address the identified shortcomings to enhance its overall service quality and client satisfaction. Improving customer service, expanding the product range, enhancing research capabilities, and increasing transparency will be crucial for the company’s long-term success in the highly competitive brokerage industry.

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Рейтинг :

I came to the website of Nublu Investments via lnk from the social networks. I registered my account, linked a wallet and accomplished it with my money. I started trading without any instructions despite the admins promised a training course. But actually I didn’t even know how to start! I completed my first financial operation with bitcoins but couldn’t withdraw my money to the wallet. I tried to apply to technical support, nobody responses. I’m afraid I just lost my money and this company is nothing more than a fraud.  

Рейтинг :

I am successfully developing on this platform.
The company is positive for me. I got all the information about the service. The service has a lot of good reviews. I can work with currency stocks.
The company is international. She has perfect working conditions.
I saw the license of this company. The organization received this document in the UK. I want to continue working on this platform.

Рейтинг :

I started cooperation with the platform three months ago. I quickly registered my account, linked a wallet and started learning course for beginners. My first deal was with currency pairs. After the first successful deal I decided to try crypto trading and received my first profit in two weeks. The system works perfectly and I never doubt in my budget safety. i definitely recommend the broker to everybody!