Пт. Июн 9th, 2023

Odyssey Investment Group is a company specializing in trading activities on financial markets. At first glance, this may seem like a profitable investment direction, but there are serious doubts about the company’s activities.

A search for information on the internet has revealed numerous complaints about Odyssey Investment Group for deceiving its clients and withdrawing their money from the system without return. There have also been numerous instances of violations of rules and requirements with regard to proper information and protection of investors’ interests.

The main complaints against Odyssey Investment Group are:

1. Lack of transparency in the company’s operations. Clients are not provided with complete information about the risks and potential losses when investing.

2. High commissions and hidden costs, which means that clients receive much less profit than they could get with other serious brokers.

3. Lack of regular and accurate information to clients about market changes and trading strategies.

4. Deception of clients and withdrawal of their funds from the system without return. This raises doubts about the legitimacy and reliability of the company.

5. Violation of rules and requirements, which indicates insufficient control by regulatory authorities.

6. The company’s website odysseyig.com is completely anonymous.

Therefore, we recommend that potential clients be especially cautious in their dealings with Odyssey Investment Group and consider other, more reliable brokers and investment companies. For those who already work with this company, we strongly recommend taking measures to protect their investments and ensuring that continuing to work with Odyssey Investment Group is profitable and safe.

It is impossible to verify that Odyssey Investment Group is not associated with well-known regulators and organizations in the investment sphere. The company does not provide enough information about its licenses or organizational structure. This may be a signal that clients cannot verify the company and its activities.

Therefore, if you are considering investing your money, you should pay attention to all the above-mentioned points. It is easy to fall into the trap of dishonest brokers. The best solution is to turn to verified and reliable brokers with an excellent reputation. Investors deserve better!

Odyssey Investment Group, odysseyig.com

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Рейтинг :

This is not a broker, it’s a complete scam! After depositing funds, I couldn’t log in to the website odysseyig.com anymore. My account was blocked without any explanation. The email on the site doesn’t work, and no one answers the phone numbers. It’s a shame that I didn’t come across the negative reviews earlier. I’m sure all the positive reviews online are fake. The broker has no licenses and operates illegally. Scammers are stealing from trusting traders.

Рейтинг :

These are real scammers! They don’t pay out money, block accounts, and intentionally take deposits. Don’t work with them, you won’t see your money again!

Рейтинг :

They robbed me!!! They don’t respond anymore! I regret contacting them, they turned out to be thieves!

Рейтинг :

Odyssey Investment Group scammed me out of more than 5000 euros. I’m upset about the money and haven’t been able to recover it. They turned out to be scammers. They’re not responding to me. They lured me in with spam phone calls, and now they’ve taken the money and disappeared.