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As expected, the official website of Modus UK Limited leaves much to be desired. It is uninformative and standard, with little that sets it apart from its competitors. The website’s textual content is not unique, and many of the images used are stock photos. Moreover, there are numerous grammatical errors, indicating that the site’s administrators did not care about its quality. It is clear that Modus UK Limited is not a popular international broker.

A specialized service has estimated the website’s value at 7 rubles. Only beginners would believe that this cheap intermediary could be a serious financial organization. The site claims that the company has been providing its financial services for 15 years, with honesty, reliability, and transparency being its main principles. However, these are just words. We could not find any real guarantees to confirm these claims. In reality, the intermediary was only registered on March 21, 2023, just a month ago. What 15 years of experience are they talking about?

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Legal information

Contact information on the website includes a phone number, email address, and a physical address at 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY. However, the phone number and email address are fake, and contacting the administrators through them is impossible. All of these contacts are only for show. There is no legal information on the website, and no scanned copies of any documents are displayed. Moreover, this company cannot provide legal services. This is an illegal activity! Moreover, this company has nothing to do with our review subject. The scammers just decided to use another organization to hide their scheme. All of this is done to avoid paying for registering their Ponzi scheme.

Furthermore, the administrators can only register it in an offshore zone. There is no license from local regulator FCA. The company is not regulated by anyone at all. Instead of real trading on a stock exchange, you will be trading on a fake platform. Many users will only realize they have been scammed when they try to withdraw their money and their requests are rejected. This is because all of your funds are first transferred to anonymous offshore accounts.

Reviews of Modus UK Limited

Real reviews of Modus UK Limited have started to appear on the web. The main complaint from customers is that the scammer does not withdraw funds and categorically refuses to do so. One former client reports having been scammed out of $2,000. He is trying to get his money back through a lawyer, but this is incredibly difficult since the company is not registered anywhere.


Modus UK Limited is just another dishonest broker whose only goal is to scam users out of significant amounts of money. Do not invest your money here. Instead of real trading, you will see fake graphics within the project itself. Earning money in such firms is impossible. They are originally created to scam novices and gullible users. Be careful and warn your loved ones and acquaintances.

Modus UK Limited, modusukltd.com

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This broker is a complete scam! They don’t pay out money, don’t have any licenses, and take money illegally. Do you want to lose everything? If not, stay away! They took $2,500 from me and tried to lure me in for more through a consultant, but I refused. I filed a report with the police, but they say there’s little chance of finding them. They work anonymously and illegally.

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