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Broker Montana Trading LTD has become really popular in the Internet. The company promises participants stable earnings when selling currency pairs, stocks and crypts. The company promises customers bonus accruals on deposit, free training and a convenient personal account with all settings.

Features of the broker

The company hasa website with a user-friendly interface. There are UK contacts on the main page of the company, but the legal address of the USA is indicated. The company cooperates with individuals and organizations. Broker Montana Trading LTD offers four types of accounts, depending on the type of service provided and the amount of the deposit:

  • Beginner;
  • ECN;
  • Gold;
  • Platinum

Here you can top up your account in any currency without commission. A certain percentage is charged for the withdrawal of money, depending on the type of account. The platform of this broker works on any device: a personal computer or a smartphone. Thanks to the settings, you can control the current exchange rate, analyze the chart and open different types of orders. Novice traders can take training for free, all materials are provided. The content on the site is structured as follows:

  • our brand;
  • markets;
  • legal information;
  • feedback;
  • news

The company provides investors with a large selection of assets, multilingual support (interface in English and Polish) and high-quality training. To access the platform, the participant must create an account. The procedure is simple and takes only a couple of minutes. Then you need to come up with a strong password consisting of Latin letters and numbers, and then confirm your account by entering a combination of numbers from the picture. In the user’s personal account there is a section for uploading documents, adding funds to the account, and a button to go to the payment terminal. Through your personal account, you can open several accounts, monitor your trading history or apply for a withdrawal of funds. The client chooses the type of rate himself depending in budget and trading aims.
Website details
Some users ask questions about licence and registration of the broker. If you look at the registration number and phone number on the broker’s page, it turns out that they belong to another company. As for the domain, it appeared only a month ago. In the public offer the company warns that the client bears full responsibility for his losses himself. It means that in case of losses the investor should analyse his mistakes and strategy and try again using other instruments.

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Рейтинг :

I’m quite satisfied with this broker. I’ve been trading here for two years. The broker has an official licence that’s why it’s really safe to cooperate with the company. I tried trading currency pairs, bitcoins and other assets. I completed some deals and the broker helped me a lot. I definitely recommend the broker to everybody who wants to earn in trading. 

Рейтинг :

Montana Trading LTD can safely be called a dangerous scam on the Internet, which implies investment fraud.

Employees of this company trick you out of a large amount of money. It all started with a minimum deposit. And then she didn’t realize how the $1,000 disappeared. By the way, the deposit balances are also impossible to withdraw.

Moreover, the company disclaims all responsibility. I quote verbatim: «Montana Trading LTD is not responsible for any losses or debts that may arise from customers as a result of their trading activities.»

If you contact technical support, they will also convince you that you need to deposit additional money, then the profit will be guaranteed.

There are no specifics in the training videos, only water and individual facts. The videos are mounted illiterate.

The staff are good psychologists. In a personal conversation, they will convince you that they will help you earn profitably. They use convincing stock terms. Thanks to such a conversation, a person becomes more loyal and vulnerable to fraudsters.

Therefore, do not believe a single word if you do not want to be left without money.

Рейтинг :

Be careful when you are investing, Because trying to recover lost funds or seeking strategies about Crypto future trading and investment, can be very tricky and frustrating when your money is with them. I lost a lot trying to make more income through Crypto trading, after losing over $26,000 I finally met Mrs. HARPER who works with a recovery company AND who was able to help me recover almost all I lost to these online scammers. All thanks to Mrs. HARPER. Good work deserves good recommendation.