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Handy Heater is a convenient heater that is fixed directly to the wall and plugs into an outlet, so it doesn’t take up too much space. Despite its small size, this mini heater has excellent power and can quickly warm the room. Advantages of Handy Heater This device is easy in everyday using at home or at an office to make it warm and cosy. The portable heater has lots of technical advantages:

  • power is 300 watts, so it heats the room in a few minutes;
  • you can rationally expend resources (electricity);
  • safe thermal element and insulating plastic housing;
  • silent work without unpleasant noises;

Thanks to these peculiarities the device works steadily without breaks. Technical characteristics of Handy Heater The construction has minimalistic design and understandable interface. The device has got such characteristics:

  • temperatures: 15-32 degrees;
  • power — 220-240 W;
  • power — 400 W;
  • voltage: 220-240 V;
  • 2 modes of work, programmed 12 hours timer;

The heater can be used in flats, offices, hotels and business rooms. The device warms the room in a few minutes, besides it helps to save electricity. The heater wights just 500 grams so it’s easy to transport it to another location. You can take the heater to the trip because it’s small and compact. The device is quite safe because you can mute a timer in order to support a comfortable temperature mode in the room. Thanks to black colour it looks stylish and coincides with any interior design. The heater doesn’t dry the air and it’s comfortable in the room while it’s working. Where to buy Handy Heater It’s possible to buy Handy Heater on the official site of the brand with delivery to any country. The device is equipped with a quality certificate for 12 months.

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