Пн. Июн 24th, 2024

Home Berry Box is a set of seeds for planting strawberries in the garden. With the help of this stuff it’s possible to get up to 3 kilo of strawberries from one bush. Seeds are adaptive to home planting and very productive. With the seeds it’s possible to get tasty, useful and completely natural strawberries without any chemicals that’s why products are absolutely safe for health. Advantages of Home Berry Box Home Berry Box is released in a special box with seeds in packets which keep seeds fresh and ready for planting.

The set of seeds has gives lots of opportunities to the gardener:

  • The harvest is protected from negative environmental influences;
  • less space for planting and soil is needed;
  • profit already after the first harvest;
  • opportunity to sell strawberries at high prices in winter and in the period of poor harvest;
  • all expenses will be paid off in the near future;

Grown up berries can reach the size of a man’s hand — they are so big, bright and tasty. The»Home Berry Box» is based on the most sought-after and largest strawberry variety.

In the course of extensive research and breeding, a completely new, unique variety was bred:

  • Ten times improved adaptation to the conditions of open soils, greenhouses and even apartments;
  • one and a half times larger volume and weight of fruits;
  • nutritional and taste properties are improved, allergy is reduced to a minimum;

It means that everybody can grow big and delicious strawberries with the help of the seeds even without an experience in gardening. Where to buy Home Berry Box The set of seeds is available for purchase on the official site of the brand. The set costs 39 Euro in case you buy it online. The set is delivered to any countries of the world.

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