Чт. Май 30th, 2024

I suffered from burning pain while urination and low libido. One day I decided to apply for medical care to solve the problem. I was in a risk group according to prostatitis and I realized that I need professional help. The doctor suggested me the medicine Prostaktiv and I decided to try it.

Peculiarities of Prostaktiv

The drug is released in a form of capsules which should be taken once a day. The content of the drug is absolutely natural and it inspires trust. I had a treatment course for a month. After first week of taking medicines I felt much better:

  • pain started decreasing;
  • the process of urination became not so painful;
  • I stopped getting up at night to go to the toilet two or three times as it was before;

As for sexual life, I noticed that coitus became much longer with prolonged erection. That inspired me self-confidence because I felt great potential and contact with my wife. Our intimacy with my partner became longer, and the sensations became more vivid. After treatment course I came to my doctor for a control check-up. The doctor came to conclusion that inflammatory process has stopped. I passed the medical examination and all the tests and the diagnosis «prostatitis» was excluded. Before I found out about the medicine my doctor recommended me an operation because situation with my men’s health was quite serious. Thanks to Prostaktiv I managed to treat my disease and avoid relapses. Nowadays I don’t have any problems with potentia and urination and get on well with my wife.

How to order

I definitely recommend this medicine for those who has problems with potentia and urination. I ordered Prostaktiv on the official pharmacy web-site and got the purchase in three days after I made an order.

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