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Parenta Financial Services Limited, operating through its website parentafinancialservicesltd.com, claims to be a reputable broker offering financial services to clients. However, upon investigation, several dishonest practices have been identified, leading to numerous victims falling prey to this fake broker. This review aims to shed light on the fraudulent activities of broker and present testimonials from those who have suffered at the hands of this deceitful broker.


Parenta Financial Services Limited presents itself as a legitimate broker, offering a wide range of financial services to clients. However, closer examination reveals several red flags indicating their dishonesty and fraudulent practices. Here are some key indicators of their unscrupulous behavior:

  • Lack of Regulation: Parenta Financial Services Limited claims to be regulated, but upon thorough research, no credible regulatory body can be found to oversee their operations. This absence of regulation raises serious concerns about the legitimacy and accountability of the broker.
  • Misleading Information: The website of broker is filled with misleading information, including false claims about their experience, expertise, and success rates. Such tactics are commonly employed by fraudulent brokers to attract unsuspecting clients.
  • Unreliable Customer Support: Numerous reports suggest that brokerprovides poor customer support. Clients have complained about delayed responses, unhelpful representatives, and difficulties in withdrawing funds. This lack of support further highlights the broker’s disregard for its clients’ well-being.

Testimonials from Victims

Here are a few testimonials from individuals who have fallen victim to Parenta Financial Services Limited:

  1. John D.: «I invested a significant amount of money with broker, hoping to secure my financial future. However, when I tried to withdraw my funds, I faced constant delays and excuses. Eventually, all my attempts to contact them were futile, and I lost my entire investment.»
  2. Sarah M.: «Parenta Financial Services Limited promised me substantial returns on my investments. However, as time went by, it became evident that they were manipulating trades and causing losses. They refused to take responsibility and ignored my requests for assistance.»
  3. Michael R.: «I was enticed by the attractive offers and promises made by Parenta Financial Services Limited. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a complete scam. They took my money and disappeared without a trace. I urge others to stay away from this fraudulent broker.»


Broker, operating through parentafinancialservicesltd.com, has demonstrated numerous signs of being a dishonest and fraudulent broker. Their lack of regulation, misleading information, and unreliable customer support are clear indicators of their unscrupulous practices. The testimonials from victims further emphasize the detrimental impact this fake broker has had on unsuspecting individuals. It is crucial to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging with any financial service provider to avoid falling victim to such scams.

Parenta Financial Services Limited

Site: parentafinancialservicesltd.com

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