Пт. Июн 21st, 2024

Alliance Reserve broker offers everyone to trade currency pairs, cryptocurrencies and other assets through CFDs. The spreads offered here are quite narrow, which minimizes maintenance costs, so that trades quickly recoup all costs.

Alliance Reserve Broker Options

There are many account options that cover traders of different levels, including an exclusive VIP account. The broker also uses its own platform, constantly improving the quality of customer service and usability.

All information is presented on a fast, easy-to-navigate, intuitive website. As for user security, the platform offers a reliable encryption system that makes it difficult for hackers to access the user’s personal information. Moreover, in case the client forgets the password to log in to the account, the system has authentication tools to protect the client’s account.

The service also keeps its funds in a separate account, so it will never use customer funds. Even if the broker suffers a serious crisis, you will not lose anything.

Trading conditions on Alliance Reserve

The basic model of the platform offers the following terms of cooperation:

  • deposit amount: $250;
  • training, introductory course in investing, using the platform and cryptocurrency wallet;
  • spreads from 3.0 points;
  • flexible leverage up to 1:30;

In addition to the basic level, there are also silver, gold, platinum and VIP levels. They differ in the size of the deposit and spreads. You can become a bidder by opening an account, coming up with a login and password to log in. Next, you need to link the details and top up the deposit to start trading. After that, the user selects the desired assets, puts them up for auction and monitors the situation. On the main page there are charts with the current exchange rate.

Alliance Reserve, alliancereserve.com

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Рейтинг :

I’m quite satisfied with Alliance Reserve. It’s a firm and responsible broker with transparent and profitable conditions. A training course for beginners is suggested here. I’ve been trading currency pairs for two months and I’ve already withdrawn a great sum of money. I definitely recommend the platform for everyone!

Рейтинг :

Hello! I want to post a review on this broker.

As for me, this company is dubious and unreliable. I’ll explain why:

1. Little information on this company;
2. There is no clear information about its participants;
3. The deposit amount of $250 is alarming;
4. There are no guarantees that in the event of a financial crisis, the broker will return your money to you;
5. There are also no guarantees that transactions will pay off your costs.

Based on the above, I would not use the services of this broker.