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The capsules Ultra-Cardio help to support heart and arterial system and treats chronical diseases. The remedy naturally normalizes blood pressure, restores elasticity of blood vessels, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and protects against heart attacks and strokes.

Characteristics of Ultra-Cardio

The remedy influences in heart and arterial system in such a way:

  • restores normal blood pressure;
  • restores the pulse, blood composition and viscosity;
  • reduces heart hypertrophy and blood vessels;
  • prevents atherosclerotic changes in the blood vessels of the heart;
  • protects against heart attacks and strokes;

The remedy consists of such ingredients:

  • nettle root which restores kidney function, increases the number of red blood cells and reduces blood sugar levels;
  • valerian root which satisfies the central nervous system, reduces blood pressure, improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • hawthorn fruits which influence in the circulatory system,  lower the chorestelor level and reduce blood pressure;
  • hawthorn leaves which Increase blood flow in the vessels, have a calming effect and stimulate blood supply to the brain;
  • Riboflavin which helps to overcome anxiety, prevents anemia development and stimulates oxygen saturation of cells;
  • Cobalamin which returns the pressure to normal level, produces energy reserves in cells and supports blood cells formation;
  • thiamine which is used to make up the heart, controls tissue dystrophy and energy production;

The medicine is suitable for patients with hypertension and predisposition to cardiovascular diseases.

Where to buy the medicine

Ultra-Cardio is available on the official website of the brand. It’s possible to order delivery to any country.

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