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The remedy Idealis is a natural blocker of fast carbohydrates. It inhibits the absorption of fast carbohydrates, naturally gives a feeling of satiety and improves digestion processes.


The remedy gives lots of opportunities for those who wants to get slimmer without any efforts:

  • It neutralizes enzymes that are responsible for the splitting of fast carbohydrates. As a result, they are not converted into sugars, and therefore calories are not deposited in fat;
  • Promotes the absorption of slow carbohydrates. Thanks to this, the process of fat metabolism is accelerated, the sense of satiety of food comes, the man does not feel the feeling of hunger at least for 8 hours;
  • It helps to improve immunity, and comes a flow of energy, as well as the maintenance of a healthy intestinal microflora;

Thanks to the rare combination of natural ingredients that block the absorption of fast carbohydrates and promote the absorption of slow carbohydrates. There comes a sense of satiety, the sense of hunger decreases up to 8 hours. And it stops the growth of body fat, comes a flow of energy and improves mood.

Content of Idealis

The remedy consists of such natural ingredients:

  • ordinary beans extract which inhibits absorption of fast carbohydrates;
  • ginger extract which gives a feeling of satiety
  • pearl powder which directs metabolism, compensates for the shortage of vitamins;
  • fennel seed powder which improves digestion and wakes a flow of energy;
  • ginseng root extract which contributes to the fat metabolism and accelerates metabolism processes;

Where to buy

The remedy is available on the official site of the brand with delivery to different countries and regions. The remedy is released without doctor’s receipt.

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