Пн. Июл 22nd, 2024

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We decided to rent a house in Alania, not far from a seashore. A friend of mine suggested me to apply to the agency UptrendHomes. I sent an application on the website, and a manager gave me a call in five minutes. We discussed different variants according to our families’ requests and preferences. Finally the employee managed to find a great house for us in Mahmutlar. We were really happy with the location and the interior! The house looked in reality just as it was on the photos, which our manager has sent us before. We lived not far from the sea, shopping centres, playground for kids and other town infrastructure. The manager took into consideration all our wishes, and we felt calm and comfortable living here. The location was in the centre of Mahmutlar, but it wasn’t noisy. That was important for us because we were travelling with little children. The process of searching for a housing and papers registration took just a few hours, and we were ready to move in. We’re grateful to the company UptrendHomes for great and due to terms work, accuracy and politeness! I definitely recommend this company for those who wants to find a comfortable house in touristic regions of Turkey. The agency accepts applications via telephone or the website. When we come to Turkey next summer, we’ll definitely apply to this agency again!

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Why should you be careful with Uptrend homes?
Customers Uptrend-homes should be really careful with the company because it has lots of disadvantages:

  • no financial guarantees, which lead to lots of risks;
  • very complicated cooperation system: first you have to choose a type of real estate and purchase it, and then get a citizenship;
  • serious financial risks: you won’t be able to take your money back, and the employees won’t keep their promises;

There are quite serious disadvantages which can lead to large money loss, that’s why you should take it into consideration and decide if it’s reasonable to deal with such a company.